…is a small private website building service that helps businesses, bloggers, and public figures establish a web presence. We offer a wide range and fully inclusive service that includes, but is not limited to initial website start-up, custom design, social media account connections, (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). 
We rely on word of mouth from happy clients and since we are small, this means sensitive client information remains in the hands of one or two individuals, and not in the hands of many. We are passionate about are designs and love being creative by individualizing each site to fit our customers needs. So…

Things to Know

What is the budget? 
Who is my audience? 
What are my video or audio requirements?
Do I need a YouTube Channel? 
Do I need a store?
What kind of social media will I be adding? 
Adding advertising to your site? Adsense, Amazon Ads, etc…

When you answer the questions in blue you will have a better idea of your needs. 
Once you know, look at website options below to determine which fits your needs best. Contact us and we will walk you through the process of buying the domain and anything else needed to host your site. 
We will take over from there. This way you own the website and domain from the very beginning, rather than having us transfer it to you later. And just as every website is unique, so is the cost to create it. See below.

What sort of website do you need?
Do you have a business that you want to sell items to your customers online? Or become active with your customers using social media? Use contests to promote your brand to new audiences and send a monthly newsletter to loyal customers. Do you need a online store?
A place where you can put all your media in one convenient place where your friends and family can view. You can have a log in for viewing restrictive content, so only those you want to view the page, can. Or, an online resume where prospective employers can view your skills and accomplishments. 
Are you an artist or an athlete that needs a site that can promote your personal brand? Need a way to schedule bookings or show your fans a calendar of upcoming events? Blog and interact with your fans on forums. 
Website Options
Super Economy
Sometimes it’s tough starting out. There are ways to make a $500 website happen. They are typically very basic. Please email us to find out more.
You maintain after built
You wish to have us design it, and then you maintain the site after it is built, then we suggest either Weebly, Wix, Jimbo, or SquareSpace. 
After the domain is bought and connected... 

WordPress Design 
Once we have walked you through buying the domain and WordPress hosting provider we will choose a template that is very customizable. The images, colors, fonts, and backgrounds can all be changed. 
Want to know more? You can contact us by this form.

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